Unity Grove Elementary School

Hope Mangham

Teacher's Wishlist (4th Grade) Sharpie (color, fine and ultra fine), Bulletin Board roll, dry erase marker (12 pack), laminating pouches, Ziploc bags (gallon and sandwich), copy paper, sheet protectors, pens, dry erase reusable pouches, cap erasers, 8" scissors, glue sticks, #2 pencils,

Jenny Glass

Teacher's Wishlist (2nd Grade) Gel pens, cap erasers, medium pink pearl erasers, #2 pencils, color paper, Ultra fine Sharpie Markers

Jessica Mercado

Teacher's Wishlist (4th Grade) Laminating Pouches, Gaffers Tape (white 2"x25 yards), 5" kids scissors, Reusable Dry Erase pockets/sheet protectors, Pencil sharpener, stapler, Post-It Notes, sheet protectors, Fine point gel pens,

Mary Allen

Teacher's Wishlist (5th Grade) Erasable Highlighters, paper towels, fun size candy, Highlighters, mechanical pencil, color paper, white display board (corrugated 36x48), color paper, pen, dry erase markers,

Terrie Kenon

Teacher's Wishlist (2nd, 3rd, 5th Special Education) Color file folders, Reusable Dry Erase Sleeves, Hand Sanitizer, pencil cap erasers, sheet protectors, Sharpie markers, mechanical pencils, blue 2 pocket folders with prongs, College Ruled composition books, gel pens, Dry erase Sticky notes, copay paper,

Ashley Moss

Teacher's Wishlist (3rd Grade) https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2FKMMDAOFHNDE?ref_=wl_share

Kristen Puzio

Teacher's Wishlist (Special Education) copy paper, Pens (assorted colors), laminating pouches, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, gel pens, highlighters, crayons,

Melissa Castleberry

Teacher's Wishlist (2nd Grade) Multicolor folders, Freezer bag (gallon), play-doh, sheet protectors, Plastic folders with two pockets, hand sanitizing wipes, pens, laminating pouches, Sticky Easel Pads (25x30), Post It notes, color paper, washable markers,

Lauren Moore

Teacher's Wishlist (2nd Grade) Dry erase school responsibility chart, Stapler, cap erasers, Magnetic Dry Erase Chalkboard, Post-It Wall Easel pad (20x23),

Lauren Watkins

Teacher's Wishlist (1st Grade) https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/T3QELSMTZQ0K?ref_=wl_share

Beth McKenney

Teacher's Wishlist (Kindergarten) Dry erase reuseable Sheet Protector sleeves, Ziploc bags (gallon), play-doh, laminating pouches, dry erase markers, Post-It sticky easel pads (25x30, 20x23)

Hannah Bowden

Teacher's Wishlist (4th Grade) Disinfecting wipes, Tissues, Paper towels, Hand sanitizer

Catherine Barnes

Teacher's Wishlist (3rd Grade) https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/336SCLEU4GA4O/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1?_encoding=UTF8&type=wishlist

Caroline Echols

Teacher's Wishlist (5th grade) Dry erase markers, diverse books, chapter books, 1 and 3 subject notebooks, printer paper (white and colored), paper clips, poster boards, scotch tape, post it easel pad paper

Jessica Hardin

Teacher's Wishlist (2nd Grade) composition books, erasers, white and color copy paper, card stock paper white and color, ear buds for students, high lighters, kleenex, folders with prongs (25) of same color and any color will work, zipper pencil pouches, staples, scotch tape, rulers, paper towels, dry erase markers, antibacterial wipes

Maria Knight-Clark

Teacher's Wishlist (2nd Grade) Zip lock bags all sizes, Lysol wipes, copy paper

Wendy Phillips

Teacher's Wishlist (3rd Grade) Pencils, Paper, Glue sticks, Plastic folders, Scissors Dry erase markers, Kleenex, Poster board, Ziploc bags (quart and sandwich), Hand sanitizer, Lysol spray, Sanitizing wipes

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