Rock Spring Elementary School

Johnette Dorr

Teacher's Wishlist (4th Grade)

Kelley Coonce

Teacher's Wishlist (1st Grade):

Angela Ward

Teacher's Wishlist (K - 5th Grade) Antibacterial Wipes, Zipper Pencil Pouches (20), Glue Sticks, Construction Paper, Ear Buds, Composition Books, Ziploc Bags, Hand Sanitizer, Crayons

Darlene Smith

Teacher's Wishlist (1st Grade) Stylus for student's iPads

Ashley French

Teacher's Wishlist (K - 5th Grade) Paper towels, hand soap, post it notes. ( any size), hand sanitizer, lysol, sanitizing wipes, crayons, ziploc bags (any size) , white copy paper, color copy paper, kleenex, papermate flair pens, glue sticks, large hot glue sticks

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