Luella Middle School

Christine Thompson

Teacher's Wishlist (6th - 8th Grade) "we have 240 students every 9 weeks. - basically the whole school. LMS General Art SUPPLY List: (9 week classes) - A basic list of supplies needed for 9 week visual art students…. 1. Drawing pencil kit – HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, Ebony, blender, knead able eraser* 2. Sketchbook - 60+ page spiral bound with heavy weight drawing paper or mixed media paper (9 x 12 or larger required, 70 lb. weight paper or higher,) (no newsprint!) 3. Prang Oval 8 water color set (comes with one brush) 4. White poster board-3 pieces 5. Sharpie black markers – ultra fine and fine tip 6. White vinyl eraser* 7. Crayons 8. colored pencils (Crayola, 12 or 24 count) 9. Glue sticks 10. Duck tape- patterned 11. Post-it notes, 3 x 3 size 12. Wooden pencils 13. Hand-held pencil sharpener

Deborah Belisario

Teacher's Wishlist (7th and 8th Grade) Construction paper, Ear buds, Hand sanitizer, Wet wipes, Pens, Pencils Copy paper, Duct tape, Spiral notebooks, Folders

Robert Smith

Teacher's Wishlist (7th Grade) Hand Sanitizer, Kleenex, Antibacterial Wipes, College and Wide Ruled Paper, Ear Buds, Spiral Notebooks, Pencils, Disinfectant Spray, Paper Towel

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