Flippen Elementary School

Lindsey Davis

Teacher's Wishlist (5th Grade) laminating sheets, card stock paper.

Melissa Wood

Teacher's Wishlist (K - 5th Grade) Electric Sharpener (3)

Nicole Peoples

Teacher's Wishlist (K - 2nd Grade) Big Crayons (little hands), number and letter flash cards, dye free laundry soap (we have washer dryer in class), washable paints, large brissels paint brushes/sponges,

Renee Prior

Teacher's Wishlist (5th Grade) dry erase boards, paper towels, zip lock bags, kleenex tissue, copy paper, colored copy paper, card stock, composition notebooks, anitbacterial wipes

Shirah Smith

Teacher's Wishlist (2nd Grade) Pencils, Electric Pencil Sharpener, Wall Mounted Pencil Sharpener, Handheld Pencil Sharpener, Antibacterial wipes, Zipper Pencil Pouches, Regular and safety scissors, College/Wide Rule Paper, Manila Folders, Colored Pencils, Index Cards, Binders, Dry Erase Markers, Post It Notes, Construction Paper Paper Clips, Paper Towels, Crayons, Markers, Whiteout, Stapler and Staples, Ziploc Bags (Gallon Size and Quart Size), Bottled Glue, Glue Sticks, Pocket Folders, Folders, Rulers, Erasers, Highlighters, 5-8 Tab Dividers, Hand Sanitizers, Paper Towels, Kleenex, Markers, Flash Drives, Ear Buds, Clear Sheet Protectors, Scotch Tape, Packing Tape, White Out, white Copier Paper, Color Paper, Card Stock Paper, Sharpie Markers (black and colors), erasers, gloves, Small Individual Whiteboards, More Expo Markers, Adult Scissors, sticky Notes (different sizes), Kids Mask, Hole Puncher, Hole Puncher with 3 holes, Composition Note Books, Rulers, Name Tags,

Stephanie Adcock

Teacher's Wishlist (4th Grade) #2 Pencils; Antibacterial Wipes; Regular Scissors; Glue Sticks; Construction Paper; White and Color Copy Paper; Binders; Highlighters; Hand Sanitizer; Paper Towels; Crayons; Color Pencils; Kleenex; Markers; Ear Buds; Composition Notebooks; Ziploc Bags (Gallon, Snack, Quart); Laminating Film; Erasers; and Wide Ruled Paper

Stephanie Marquez

Teacher's Wishlist (5th Grade) Headsets , Crayons, Dry Eraser Markers, Hand Sanitizer, Paper Towels, White Copy Paper, Colored Copy Paper, Composition Notebooks, Ziploc Bags (gallon and quart), Clear Sheet Protectors, Construction paper

Tabitha Stanford

Teacher's Wishlist (Kindergarten) Headphones (not ear buds), Crayons, Dry Eraser Markers, Hand Sanitizer Paper Towels, White Copy Paper, Colored Copy Paper, Composition Notebooks, Ziplock Bags (gallon and quart), Clear Sheet Protectors Construction paper"

Tracey Veale

Teacher's Wishlist (3rd - 5th Grade) Hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, paper towels, earbuds/head phones, pencil sharpeners

Whitney Lott

Teacher's Wishlist (K - 2nd Grade) Hand sanitizer, white out, #2 pencils, pens (blue and black), antibacterial wipes, dry erase markers, construction paper, color pencils, paper towels, highlighters, Ziploc bags(gallon), regular and safety scissors, paper clips, manila folders, college and wide ruled paper

Alexis Robinson

Teacher's Wishlist (3rd Grade) copy paper, antibacterial wipes, wide-ruled paper, student scissors, glue sticks, colored pencils, composition notebooks, dry erase markers, construction paper, staplers, crayons, paper towels, hand soap

Amanda Nettles

Teacher's Wishlist (3rd Grade) #2 Pencils, Antibacterial Wipes, Scissors, Folders, Dry Erase Markers, Rulers, Personal White Boards, Headphones, Paper Towels, Hand Sanitizer, Erasers.

Brittany Brownlee

Teacher's Wishlist (5th Grade) Flash Drives,Hand Sanitizer,Stapler and Staples, Zipper Pencil Pouches Antibacterial Wipes, Dry Erase Markers,Crayons,Paper Towels, Push Pins,Construction Paper,White and Color Copy Paper,,Ziploc Bags.#2 Pencils

Dayona Williams

Teacher's Wishlist (4th Grade) Pencils, hand held sharpener, antibacterial wipes, bottled glue, dry erase markers, binders, composition books, post it notes, hand sanitizer, ear buds, Kleenex, poster boards

Colleen Shay-Persaud

Teacher's Wishlist (3rd Grade) Tissues, headphones, white boards, anti-bacterial wipes

Karen Long

Teacher's Wishlist (K - 5th Grade Special Education) Hand Sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, paper towel, children's face mask, dry erase markers, #2 pencils, stapler, Post-It sticky easel pad (20X23)

Mia Pullin

Teacher's Wishlist (1st - 3rd Grade (Special Education) Antibacterial Wipes, white and color copy paper, glue sticks, 2 pocket folders, post it notes, construction paper, paper towels, kleenex, flash drive, ziplock bags, colored card stock, white card stock

Julie Allen

Teacher's Wishlist (3rd Grade) earphones, pencils, plastic folders, copy paper, antibacterial wipes, student scissors, paper towels, composition books, ziploc bags--all sizes, hand sanitizer, personal white boards, dry erase markers, notebook paper, jumbo craft sticks

Kasey Gilliam

Teacher's Wishlist (5th Grade) Chalk markers, electric pencil sharpener, reusable dry erase pockets,

Kelsi Nguyen

Teacher's Wishlist (5th Grade) #2 pencils, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, crayons, document camera, glue sticks

Kimberly Wiernicki

Teacher's Wishlist (1st Grade) Antibacterial wipes, Glue sticks, index cards, Dry erase makers (fat and skinny), post it notes, Composition books, hand sanitizer, ear buds, Gallon zip lock bags, Sharpies

Lisa Holland

Teacher's Wishlist (Kindergarten) Dry Erase Markers, Construction paper, Crayons, Colored Copy Paper 2 pocket (3 prong) folders, Hand Sanitzer

Onita Buhai

Teacher's Wishlist (Kindergarten) Crayons, Composition Notebooks, Construction Paper, Hand Sanitizer White Copy Paper, Color Copy Paper, Headphones (not ear buds) Paper Towel

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